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Michael Skolnik on White Privilege & Racism 

Client/Project: Moving Portraits
Location: New York City, NY
TRT: 2:27
Michael Skolnik is a 21st-century American civil rights activist, writer, motivational speaker, digital strategist and entrepreneur. He has led campaigns around the country on immigration reform, race relations, gun violence and drug policy reform. We sat with Michael and asked him about his passion and purpose. He shared his philosophy on white privilege and his quest for a post racist society.
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Michael Kamber on Photojournalism

Client/Project: Moving Portraits 
Location: Bronx, NY
TRT: 2:23
Michael Kamber has been a photojournalist and journalist for nearly 30 years and is also the founder of the Bronx Documentary Center in New York. He has covered conflicts in countries like Iraq, Afganistan, Liberia, the Sudan, Cote d'lviore, Somalia, Haiti, Israel, the Congo and other countries. We sat with Mike and asked him about photojournalism and documentary photography.  He shared with us what he learns when he isn't shooting the conflicts.
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