videos created for non-profits

La Marqueta Retoña - Reviving La Placita  

Client/Project: Office of the Speaker of the City of New York Melissa Mark-Viverito and La Marqueta
Location: New York City, NY
TRT: 1:42
La Marqueta Retoña, or the market re-blooms, is an initiative to revive this once economical and cultural heart of the East Harlem community located in Manhattan, NYC. For generations La Marqueta was the social and economic hub for residents and small businesses. Over the years La Marqueta has seen a decline activity, but with the efforts of the Speaker of the city Melissa Mark-Viverito and a group of very dedicated artists, vendors, and curators, La Marqueta is coming back to life, offering members of the community a second chance at preserving and keeping its legacy, culture and mission alive. 
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The Family Health Challenge

Client/Project: SEIU/CIR, The Family Health Challenge 
Location: New York, NY
TRT: 1:48
SEIU/CIR is a national nonprofit union representing resident interns across the United States. The Family Health Challenge is an initiative created by various partnering non-profits and community organizations to provide an immersive training program for physician resident interns in communities of dire economic and nutritional deficits throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City. This orientation video was created to facilitate an introduction between the physician residents and the communities they were about to embark into. 
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Project Enterprise Fostering Entrepreneurship in New York City

Client: Project Enterprise
Location: New York City
TRT: 4:40
Since 1996, Project Enterprise has been helping break the cycle of poverty in NYC by providing micro-loans, networking opportunities, business development, and training services to entrepreneurs in under-resourced communities. Project Enterprise helps entrepreneurs increase their standard of living, create jobs for their communities, and build financial assets.
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